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1. Terms and Conditions
       Use and access to this website ( and the services provided by this website indicate that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed in the Terms of Use. Services provided by this website include access to data, information, reports, opinions and news in various formats, including data or information provided by third-party content providers (hereinafter referred to as "information providers"); search engines; electronic communications; registration; calendar tools (hereinafter referred to as "services"). If you do not agree with these terms of use, please do not visit this website and services.
2. Disclaimer
       FileStorm provides services based on current status and availability. FileStorm and its employees, subsidiaries, related enterprises, affiliates and affiliates do not make any statements, endorsements or guarantees regarding services, including advertisements provided by their respective advertisers and by virtue of their reputation, and in any case FileStorm does not allow any party to use or rely on the services and content of this website. Confirmation, usability, universality, title, non-infringement, quality, reliability, applicability, marketability, and any damage, claim, cost and loss caused by the purpose and integrity of the website are liable. Because of the openness of the Internet, FileStorm does not guarantee that this website or service is non-toxic.
3. Intellectual property right
       FileStorm reserves all intellectual property rights of this website and service, including international copyright and trademark rights. All other names, products and trademarks mentioned on this website are the intellectual property rights of their respective owners. Without the explicit written consent of FileStorm and the respective copyright and trademark holders, the information provided by this website, including text, pictures, coding, audio and video, or software, shall not be copied, modified, circulated, published, displayed, uploaded, posted, transmitted or hyperlinked in any form under any circumstances. Services are for personal use only. Users are not allowed to conduct transactions with other parties related to these services and contents. These transactions include actions that adversely affect the business value of FileStorm services.
       No hyperlinks to other websites or references to the contents of this website through other servers may be inserted into this website or any part of this website. Without the written consent of FileStorm or the respective intellectual property owners, the provisions of this clause shall not be construed as granting any right or any trademark or content licensed to this website.
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4. Software equipment
       FileStorm prohibits the use of any roamers, crawlers, automation devices, webbots, retrievers, screen erasers, manual processes, software or routines that may interfere with the normal operation of the site, any transactions conducted on the site, the operation of any other computer, or the use of the site by other users. This site can use cookies, javascript, shockwave and ActiveX to enhance users'online experience or for security purposes. The use of this website and services provided by FileStorm is subject to additional terms that FileStorm may add at any time. Note that the use of services requires FileStorm approval, which cannot be assumed to be obtained until the user receives electronic or other forms of approval as indicated by FileStorm.
       Independent Recommendation FileStorm and its information providers do not provide or claim to provide or represent or consider themselves as providing advice from financial, investment, tax, legal and other professionals by developing available information and data based on services, including facts, opinions, suggestions and recommendations from interested individuals and organizations. Users should often seek independent professional advice before making such financial, legal or business decisions.
       To avoid doubt, FileStorm is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of stock quotations, stock charts, forward-looking statements, opinions, recommendations, analysis and other forms of investors and/or financial information (financial information) provided by FileStorm, its shareholders, content providers or third parties on this website. Allow or issue any statement, endorsement or guarantee. No financial information available on this website can account for future performance.
       Information, opinions and links FileStorm does not recognize or support information, opinions, suggestions, research and recommendations from other individuals, users and organizations, or advocates any kind of commercial securities trading, investment, or securities category, investment category, and links to any other website or resources on this website do not contain any form of FileStorm. Recognition. When information on this website is obtained from trusted sources, no data, news, information, reports, opinions or recommendations (if any) are customized for specific individuals or groups of people. No such data, news, information, report, opinion or recommendation shall be deemed an offer to solicit or recommend the use of any service provided by any advertisement on this website by any person or category. The available information and data provided by this website in text, picture or any other form may include inaccuracies or errors. FileStorm and its information suppliers reserve the right to modify the information or data of this website regularly.
5. Electronic communication
       Due to the inherent risk of electronic distribution, this website and service may sometimes be out of service due to maintenance requirements, telecommunications or electronic or other system failures or interruptions (whether FileStorm or any third party) or other interruptions may not be available. FileStorm is not liable to the user or any third party for any loss or damage caused by the impact. FileStorm can't guarantee users'privacy because the information transmitted through the network is not confidential in general. In addition, all information and services submitted through this network may be unsafe and therefore cannot be considered confidential or private. Only information submitted through job search/application and training registration channels will be considered confidential. In addition, you undertake not to submit offensive, illegal, or information that is not permitted to be disseminated by Chinese or other national laws through this website or service, or to submit information without the consent of those who have the right to oppose the submission of such information or information.
6. Privacy
       FileStorm respects the privacy of users of this website and services. This website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy statement is only used for information gathered by FileStorm. Please note that FileStorm is not responsible for the privacy of other websites.
7. Routine
       FileStorm reserves the right to change the service and content of this website at any time without notice, including the removal of news and the change of terms of use. FileStorm reserves the right to seek all legal and fair remedies available for violations of these terms of use, including the right to block access from any particular person or server. These terms of use are governed and interpreted in accordance with Singapore's laws, without regard to conflicts of legal principles. Claims or disputes of any nature are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Singapore courts.